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Entrepreneurs of Color are building wealth on their own terms.

Support the launch of a supercharged friends and family funding platform.

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Join Us
REUNION Coming Spring 2020

About Us

We envision an equitable economy grounded in the leadership of people of color and others whose voices have not been centered. Our team develops online products and services for entrepreneurs of color to accelerate capital and impact.

This spring, we’re launching REUNION, our first online product. Here’s how it works:

First, we source clusters of founders and help them develop online creative elements that spotlight their cultural stories, business strategies, and market challenges.

Then, thousands of supporters actively engage with the elements by sharing, offering feedback, and up-voting the most relevant content to refine a people-powered pitch.

Finally, the newly prioritized pitch elements power a crowdfunding drive whose proceeds go directly to the entrepreneurs to get them to the next growth level.

To see more about how it all started, click the video below from our 2019 SXSW event.