How Slime Molds Got Me Thinking about Better Design Principles and the Power of Race

I had just finished reading the amazing series of articles in the NY Time’s 1619 Project and was struck by the story of Atlanta’s horrendous traffic. Essentially, Atlanta suffers from the stupidity of a transportation system designed to keep black and white people apart. This has resulted in immense inefficiencies as roads have wriggled around neighborhoods to create physical barriers between places that don’t even reflect the racial Apartheid of 50 years ago.

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Titan InsightsMax Skolnik

On behalf of Generation Titans, Envolve Entrepreneurship and Google-Austin, we’re excited to announce the Titan Award winner. We are thrilled to have these founders apart of the Titan Collective. Generation Titans was established to support high-potential entrepreneurs—such as our Titan Award winners—and particularly those from under-represented communities, navigate a maze of obstacles in search of resources.

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Generation Titans 2018 Recap and new year plans!

We’ve had a great year. But, none of it would have been possible without the efforts of fearless young people and strivers, heroines fighting the hard battles, courageous companies, design geniuses, and the like.

We’ve mapped out community strategies for March for Our Lives, brainstormed creative events for the Soze Agency, helped launch a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor celebrating the Resistance, launched planning efforts for a youth summit with the America’s Promise Alliance, dived deep into the entrepreneurial landscape of Pittsburgh and Albuquerque, and grew our corporate social impact practice working with top-tier fashion companies to develop innovative youth engagement strategies.

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My Origin Story: Jessica Lynch, Partner

I'm for Alamance County which is a predominantly rural county in North Carolina. In a way, I come from a long history of entrepreneurship. My great-grandparents and grandparents were sharecroppers, farmers and eventually landowners, despite the legal and financial barriers they faced as black farmers in the South. This changed the trajectory of my life before I was even thought about. Growing up, I’ve watched the ups and down of entrepreneurs.

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