Generation Titans 2018 Recap and new year plans!



The students from Parkland were embracing the young people from Standing Rock. They had just wrapped up a town hall in Southeast DC along with representatives from United We Dream and Color of Change and dozens of local high schoolers. It was an electric moment, the first time these trailblazing leaders had met one another.

We sat back and marveled at the easy rapport, the instant bond, the shared trauma, and the pure joy of this encounter. Working for the RFK Center and the Soze Agency, our team had played a small part in organizing the day. It was our first big project, and sparked our belief that scaling social impact requires collaboration between social movements and social entrepreneurs




Broadening our reach and IMPact


Generation Titans is a social impact firm with a race and equity lens. We offer strategic advising services to a wide array of clients with a focus on developing authentic community engagement strategies, boosting inclusive investments in support of social entrepreneurship, and mobilizing human capital as a force for change.

Simply put, we’ve had a great year. But, none of it would have been possible without the efforts of fearless young people and strivers, heroines fighting the hard battles, courageous companies, design geniuses, and the like.

We’ve mapped out community strategies for March for Our Lives, brainstormed creative events for the Soze Agency, helped launch a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor celebrating the Resistance, launched planning efforts for a youth summit with the America’s Promise Alliance, dived deep into the entrepreneurial landscape of Pittsburgh and Albuquerque, and grew our corporate social impact practice working with top-tier fashion companies to develop innovative youth engagement strategies.


OUR lived experiences and History INFORMS our strategy

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Our work in the social good space is driven by our desire to help communities, companies, movements, foundations, local governments, and other change makers achieve extraordinary impact. We are grounded in our lived experiences and a history that informs our strategy and fuels our passion.

Core to our mission is a commitment to supporting entrepreneurs of color as unique agents of change. We chose our name very carefully, as it is rooted in the belief that entrepreneurs of color have long been and continue to be titans of industry. Despite deeply entrenched systemic racism, people of color have made their mark as innovative, brilliant, and hard-working enterprisers.  

We aim to honor those countless business women and men of color who have directly contributed to the growth and wealth of U.S. industries to this day. We draw inspiration from the thousands of business people who thrived in the face of stubborn and often violent opposition. From the booming Black Wall Streeters of Tulsa to the prosperous Californios, these dreamers were far more daring and disruptive than the latest Silicon Valley start-ups venerated on magazine covers.  

And, the next generation of titans is quickly rising. Check out Alecia Young, founder of Yogamotif and a Pittsburgh-based social entrepreneur and healer who patented a technology that transforms yoga mats into blank canvases. Or, Ryan Wilson, a burgeoning community builder and mogul reaching full scale and expansion at the Gathering Spot.


Now, we come to the future…


In partnership with RFK Human Rights and Google Austin, we will host a Titan Generator to coincide with the 2019 SXSW Interactive Festival on March 9th, 2019. It will be a one-of-kind activation and dream studio, bringing together activists from national social movements with high-potential social entrepreneurs of color to collaborate alongside influencers and funders – all sharing a common vision of scaling social ventures through amplification, funding, and human capital support.

We are excited to launch the Titan Venture Fund, which will provide catalytic funding to social entrepreneurs at the Titan Generator event in Austin and beyond. We envision that this fund will grow over time and will provide a much needed boost to promising social entrepreneurs of color in the near and post-MVP stages of growth. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing information on our initial fundraising round and how you can support.

Please hold your calendars for this experience scheduled for March 9th, 2019 at the Google Austin office. Click the button below for more details on the event.


As a first step in developing comprehensive and data-driven support in this space, we’ve launched a simple the Titan Census, a short survey for social entrepreneurs of color. We believe strongly in providing the infrastructure that will help identify investing opportunities of social impact ventures led by founders of color.

Our goal is to co-build this database with sourcing partners in order to more effectively scale collection, validation, and management efforts. We are committed to the idea that this valuable information should be widely disseminated and not hoarded. And we need your help.


Partner with us to achieve extraordinary social impact. Click the link below to learn more about our consulting services for corporations, communities, foundations, and social movements.

It has been an incredible year of challenges and opportunities – and 2019 stands to see more opportunities to engage in the storied tradition of lifting up and shining a light on the dynamic entrepreneurs and innovators of color who have long driven our economy. We know that together we can continue to see through our critical mission – strengthening the innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs of color and removing the obstacles that still stand between potential and opportunity.  


Jessica, Max, and Raymar
Founding Partners