We Are Generation Titans

From the founding of our nation, those in power have systematically denied diverse innovators the opportunity to grow and thrive. It is irrefutable that people of color, consigned to the very bottom of the economic ladder, had the same entrepreneurial spirit and burning bright ideas. Yet, generation after generation had to settle for scraps, yearning to break free of the restraints placed on their labors. 

But, the engines of a new future are coming to life. Leaders of color are poised to exert their full power as titans of more equitable economy.

Generation Titans is committed to these rising trailblazers, geniuses, and dreamers. We honor those in the past who achieved so much under the direst of circumstances, and we support those who are now striving for extraordinary new heights.  

We are a national firm that sources entrepreneurs of color; connects them to launch opportunities; and sparks a more diverse, inclusive, and abundant marketplace. We’re the consultants, connectors, and conveners that drive the collective action necessary to make ecosystems work better for entrepreneurs of color.

Our solutions are designed to be scaled and customized to meet the urgent needs of foundations, corporations, and local governments. Our methods are deeply grounded in our unique ability to navigate between the entrepreneurial, corporate, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors. From Deloitte and Taproot to MBK Alliance and the Obama Foundation, we bring a wealth of expertise and experience.

We partner with those who are committed to supporting diverse entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country. If you are interested in working with us, please send us a note. Make sure to check back with our site as we share more good news about our work and powerful stories from the field.