My Origin Story: Alexis Davis

Generation Titans' "My Origin Story" is part of ongoing series to feature talented, innovative, and dope entrepreneurs of color (EOC). We are providing a platform where founders and creatives can tell their stories in their own voice and in their own unique way. These stories are not highlight reels, although they do highlight success. Also, these stories are not focused on only the hardships, obstacles, and racial inequality that entrepreneurs of color face, although they do squarely address these challenges. Today, Generation Titans catches up with Alexis Davis to hear more about her origin story and her journey as an entrepreneur.  

Stories like Alexis' are American stories that push the culture forward, spark conversation and connections in the startup ecosystem, and also inspire a younger generation of entrepreneurs. These stories and the founders are a counter narrative.  Through "My Origin Story," Generation Titans is proving that the pipeline of EOCs exists--despite the media's prevailing deficit narrative about entrepreneurs of color. 


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I'm a social media manager, consultant, and teacher through my own social media company, The Content Plug. I love everything about social media and how the shortest messages, videos, and photos can instantly go viral and impact so many people across the globe. I also think it's important for people to understand how to use social media for positive reasons (like the "awww" moments) as well as for business purposes. Since running a business is literally a 24/7 operation, I want people to have the necessary skills to be successful and competitive online. Once I realized my peers didn't have those resources, I knew it was time to get to work.

I'm also the Co-Founder/Chief Digital Officer of BLNDED Media, a media platform that focuses on telling the stories of diverse and underrepresented founders. I've always enjoyed hearing the "started from the bottom" stories from entrepreneurs who look like me, but I've come to notice that many of those stories are not being told because many platforms choose to not cover them. With BLNDED, we're able to highlight the people, businesses, resources, and events that may not make it into your local newspaper, but still need to be shared in order for younger generations to have better opportunities than we have today.

At the end of the day, it's safe to say I love all things involving digital media and storytelling!


I was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and I certainly consider myself a southern gal! I think of Raleigh as a "country city" as it's the state capital, but is also still a pretty tight-knit community where everyone knows one another. By the time I was in high school, I knew I wanted to leave and explore the rest of the world because my dad always told me that "the world is bigger than North Carolina," and I would often experience that firsthand on trips to his native New York. I tried to go to school outside of the state, but once I won a full-ride to any in-state school I knew staying would be the best choice financially. However, two weeks after I graduated I was already in DC trying to figure out my next steps.

I've been living in Austin, Texas for almost four years and I absolutely love it! I've certainly grown personally and professionally because Austin is a city that offers so much in terms of business and entertainment. It's still not as big of a city as Chicago or Houston, but it still has a city vibe mixed with the southwestern personality of Texas.

And don't tell my mom, but I certainly like Texas brisket over North Carolina barbeque! 


One of my dreams is to teach a semester-long course on social media and communications at the college/university level. Also, I'm always by or in water on Instagram, but I actually can't swim and I own my own life jacket! 


The Content Plug has given me the opportunity to take my passion for social media and turn it into a business venture. I've learned so much about building a brand + business, personal responsibility, and the importance of having a tribe.

When I first started working in social media after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, I was already pretty well-versed on the topic, so I would share my opinion on app updates as well as tips on new features before most users even knew the features existed. Before I knew it, others quickly started recognizing my talents and would get in contact with me to ask questions or to request my services. People were asking me about pricing for consulting and management before I even knew what I should realistically charge! I had to teach myself a lot along the way while also learning how to fail fast and learn quickly. I've made countless mistakes, but they've only helped me grow and get better.

At the same time, entrepreneurs must realize that your company is also your brand. The last thing you ever want someone to say is that you were difficult to work with or that you didn't get the job done. You're always responsible for you and your own success, especially if you're leading a smaller business. Every move counts.

One should also remember that you cannot do it all alone. There are so many people who want to be "self-made" and have a story about pulling themselves up from their bootstraps, but in reality, you can work faster and achieve way more if you have a team by your side to help you along the way. Even if those people aren't helping you on day-to-day tasks, they can be a shoulder to lean on for advice and support.


I've always had a passion for tech since the MySpace days. I was the user who was changing her layout weekly while also teaching others how to edit theirs. I had certain hex colors memorized before I knew how to do algebra. Basically, I've always loved how the Internet could connect us with people that were down the street or on the other side of the world.

When Twitter became popular during my freshman year in college, I was obsessed with how sharing 140 characters could have everyone meet at one place for an event or have everyone chiming in on the same topic at the same time. Once I realized my knack for social media, I started talking/writing about it often and slowly but surely became a resource in my network. I believe having a strong social media presence is necessary for individuals as well as brands of any size to succeed, and I enjoy teaching everyone from high school students to retirees the right ways to go about using the platforms we know and love.


Don't hesitate and make business moves now. I constantly think about where I would be if I would have started The Content Plug four years ago when I lived in Washington D.C. I was already working in social media at the time, but I was too afraid to start the company because I felt my young age and overall job inexperience on top of my lack of business knowledge would ultimately be my downfall. I had the mindset that I had to have all of the answers right then even though I've learned over time that you will never have all of the answers and that's what makes the process worth it! Having smart people in your corner to continuously push and mentor you will also make the journey a positive one.


I was recently given The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner's Guide to Getting Good with Money and I've started to dig in. It's never too early or too late to get your money right!


Drake can do no wrong in my eyes, so God's Plan is definitely being blasted at work, home and in the car! Regardless of my love for Drizzy, I enjoy the message of the song because I feel like everything is supposed to happen for a reason. Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy is also carrying some serious heat!


Check me out via my website at I'm @yeahitslex on both Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to shoot me a note at!

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