Indirect Messages: Alecia Young

At Generation Titans we stand with creatives, activists, and entrepreneurs of color. We do whatever we can to share their stories, but sometimes, they're just to busy. We understand how important it is for them to tell their stories in their own unique way, so we've created a new interview format called Indirect Messages to capture and share their stories through conversations on social. We go to great lengths to connect, engage, and share the stories of these Titans even if it means jumping into their DMs. 

Meet Alecia Younga social entrepreneur and healer who is at the intersections of yoga, innovation, and art. We recently jumped into her DMs for an off the cuff conversation on the journey and ecosystem.  Lot's of wisdom, lessons learned, and gems going down in the DMs!

Stay tuned, we’ll bring you more Indirect Messages from some of the next generation of creatives, activists, and entrepreneurs of color.  Catch up with us on social @gentitans.

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