My Origin Story: Brittney Cofield-Poole

I’m from Cleveland, OH and family full of strong Black women. The lens through which I see the world has been shaped by their tenacity and dedication to creating an environment for me to thrive. Growing up I went to schools in vastly different communities ranging from deep within the inner-city to the adjacent yet demographically distant suburbs. Navigating different education environments defined in living color for me the meaning of “disparate, underserved, and vulnerable”. By the time I graduated high school I was determined to find more positive terms to define communities that looked like the one I came home too. I entered college declaring Psychology as my chosen discipline at Loyola University Chicago and carried my studies into a Ph.D. in Community Psychology from North Carolina State University. 

The positions I have held during and after graduating have all taught me a lot about what it takes to co-create spaces that are transformative. As a graduate student, I found that is was important to know the data and just as important, understanding the stories behind the data. Serving in local government, I learned that creating space to dialogue with local citizens was the crux of municipal-led social impact. While working at a tech startup, it was clear that there was no product without the input from the people that we served. At first glance, my professional background is riddled with pretty diverse experiences however the common thread among them all is the community. I am so excited to be carrying on my passion for people forward with the Generation Titans’ team.