Development of the Titan Clusters Platform is Underway!

Earlier this year we partnered with Google, RFK Human Rights, and Envolve Entrepreneurship to bring together 85+ founders of color, 20+ social movement leaders, and multiple resource partners during SXSW for a day of workshops to refine solutions. Afterwards, we awarded seed capital to several startups.

Since then, we discovered a few things:

1) Entrepreneurs of color are not a monolith. Though they face similar challenges - every journey is different. There is richness and insights in their individual, intersectional, and collective narratives. Storytelling that explores these experiences is important.

2) People want more proximity to this fastest growing community of entrepreneurs. People are interested in the stories of founders of color and investing in new and innovative startups. 

3) Founders of color want and deserve their own table. A place free of implicit biases, where they can grow and thrive with other like-minded entrepreneurs. A cross-cultural table where all people can pull-up to learn, share, and easily invest in startups early in their journey. 

We’re taking these proof points along with a generous grant from the Kapor Center to build a new platform in the spring of 2020 — Titan Clusters — for promising early stage startups.. On September 18th, after months of gathering feedback, planning, and lots of caffeine, we have officially kicked off development!

Titan Clusters is a marketplace where entrepreneurs of color grouped by industry and / or geography (Titans) and online supporters work together to amplify stories, analyze data & insights, crowdsource real-time business challenges, and generate capital. 

We’re excited to explore ways to democratize the world of startup investing. It’s in that spirit that we hope to lock arms with you. Whether you’re interested in being a beta tester, funder, or sounding board let’s talk!

Please contact me at to setup time to speak with our team!