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Generation Titans 2018 Recap and new year plans!

We’ve had a great year. But, none of it would have been possible without the efforts of fearless young people and strivers, heroines fighting the hard battles, courageous companies, design geniuses, and the like.

We’ve mapped out community strategies for March for Our Lives, brainstormed creative events for the Soze Agency, helped launch a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor celebrating the Resistance, launched planning efforts for a youth summit with the America’s Promise Alliance, dived deep into the entrepreneurial landscape of Pittsburgh and Albuquerque, and grew our corporate social impact practice working with top-tier fashion companies to develop innovative youth engagement strategies.

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My Origin Story: Jessica Lynch, Partner

I'm for Alamance County which is a predominantly rural county in North Carolina. In a way, I come from a long history of entrepreneurship. My great-grandparents and grandparents were sharecroppers, farmers and eventually landowners, despite the legal and financial barriers they faced as black farmers in the South. This changed the trajectory of my life before I was even thought about. Growing up, I’ve watched the ups and down of entrepreneurs.

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My Origin Story: Max Skolnik, Partner

In 2017, I had the honor of visiting the Northern Cheyenne tribal community in Montana. I had been invited as a representative of MBK Alliance, an initiative launched in 2014 by President Barack Obama to address the systemic barriers faced by boys and young men of color. I had been serving as the Director of National Programs and my primary responsibility was building a support network for the over 240 communities that had answered the President’s challenge. I had never traveled to Indian Country before and was deeply humbled by the stark beauty of Montana, the warm welcome of our hosts, and the bleak future offered to so many Native American youth.

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My Origin Story: Raymar Hampshire, Partner

I grew up in the small blue-collar town of Lima, Ohio. I attended Wittenberg University with the help of a Pell grant and scholarships. I graduated with a degree in Business Management and shortly after started my career as a wealth manager at Merrill Lynch.  My clients ranged from corporate executives and small business owners to parents investing in college savings plans for their children.  My clients enjoyed life unconstrained by financial needs, but I couldn’t say the same about myself – nor many other people that I grew up with and knew during that time. 

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We Are Generation Titans

From the founding of our nation, those in power have systematically denied diverse innovators the opportunity to grow and thrive. It is irrefutable that people of color, consigned to the very bottom of the economic ladder, had the same entrepreneurial spirit and burning bright ideas. Yet, generation after generation had to settle for scraps, yearning to break free of the restraints placed on their labors. 

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