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My Origin Story: Alecia Young

YOGAMOTIF is a healing arts yoga studio that specializes in make & take wellness. We celebrate your body (as is) and invite you to twist, turn, laugh, shimmy, and create in your own beautiful body. My experience opening and operating a yoga studio has made me even more sensitive to the idea of holding space. Holding space for myself so I don't burn out. Holding space for our teachers so they feel supported. Holding space for our guests so they can cultivate a sense of healing in their own bodies. Holding space for the community as our studio is located in a gentrified neighborhood in Pittsburgh. I often think about what I'm doing to maintain healing in my own life so I might continue to hold all of this space.

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My Origin Story: Jeremiah Pittman

ThriVe is an online fashion store offering curated thrift and consignment items. We also offer brands pop-up marketing. My journey as a founder came with a lot of thinking on the fly and putting those ideas into action no matter what the result. A lot of people are afraid of challenges and failing so they don't enter new spaces--I'm the complete opposite. Since being an entrepreneur, I've learned to go forth and have faith in new ideas that come about and be open to change.

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