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My Origin Story: Ryan Wilson

The Gathering Spot is an invitation-only private membership club built to foster community, collaboration and experiences. The club features an event space, restaurant and bar, and 24/7 co-working space. More than being the space business, however, we are in the community business. We bring together people from all across the city together in shared community. I started this business because I couldn't find a community post-college that allowed me to meet new and different people.

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My Origin Story: Rachel Pace

Penny Brew is a community coffee experience. When I found the idea, or better yet when the idea found me, I didn't realize it would resonate with so many people. It's indescribable to give birth to an idea and watch strangers rally around it in support - surreal! That feeling in and of itself is very encouraging and gives me the motivation on days I don't have it to keep moving forward with my entrepreneurial aspirations.

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My Origin Story: Thomas Boxley

My drive and interest in beer started when I was an undergraduate student, and like most college students, I had an idea about saving money.  My idea came in the form of, "if I knew how to make beer I would save myself a lot of money." Fast forward to 2009 and I decided to try it. Even then it was a simply a hobby and if I could offset any of my personal beer cost, it was gravy. in 2016 I hosted a small tasting with some friends that I could trust to give me honest feedback--they really enjoyed it. At that point I decided that there is, "some there, there."  If not me, who should it be?  There are not many African Americans in this space so I figure it is my duty to enter this space and stake my claim!

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